Caricature Jigsaw Puzzle

A caricature jigsaw puzzle can be the perfect game at an event or a wonderful gift for a loved one. We will draw your caricature from your photo(s) and deliver your puzzle pieces in a wonderful personalised box along with an A4 print of the caricature. Our selection of 100, 200 and 500 pieces offers fun for children and adults of all puzzling levels.
Our 100 pieces puzzles are the perfect table game at weddings, parties and events. The jigsaw pieces are cut much larger than the standard size so a caricature puzzle can be completed in minutes rather than days, even for unpracticed hands or children.
The 200 pieces puzzle is still manageable for puzzlers of all levels and can often be completed by a beginner puzzler in just over an hour. You can off course pair up or team up to complete the puzzle in less time.
If you already have a hand in puzzling then a 500 pieces caricature puzzle may be the right choice for you. This may take some time for less experienced puzzlers but teamwork during game nights or family get togethers will undoubtedly speed up the process.

It takes us between 8 - 12 *working days to complete and deliver an order. *Working days are Monday to Friday

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