We will draw your head on to the football body template of your favourite club team or national team. We have a man, woman, boy and girl version for every template. You can choose any club or national team. You can also choose to be drawn in the colours of your amateur or Sunday league team provides you can provide a photo of the kit.

You can have more than one full body person in the same caricature and get it printed and framed as a single drawing although the price is still charged per person. If for example you wanted a framed caricature with 3 people in the same drawing, you would only need to put one of the orders through as 'printed and framed. The others would need to be put through as 'send artwork by email.'

The caricature is drawn at A4 size (297mm X 210mm) and can be emailed to you as a digital file or printed and framed. If you would like a larger print, please email us at ask@mkcaricatures.com for a quote.

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