Caricature Picture Books



They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" which means that a single image can often convey an idea/subject much more effectively than trying to describe it. Imagine it's someones birthday, wedding, retirement or anniversary and you just want to remind them of some of the amazing moments you've shared. You could tell them about those moments or you could show them. 

Caricatures picture books can also help keep people awake during speeches and presentations. If you're the best man at your best friend's wedding, the possibilities are hilariously endless. Please see the video below.

The artwork for the books is drawn/painted on Ipad and printed as a flat laying book. You also get digital copies of all the images via email.

The average production time from start to delivery is between 20 - 40 days depending on the size and number of pages.


These are some of the clients we've worked with.