Event Stationery

Are you looking for something a little different for your event stationery? Caricatures are a fun way to let your guests know where they should be seated and provide an ice breaker!

We provide personalised caricature invitations and greeting cards, seating plans, guest books, life size cutout displays and place cards which your guests can then take away as special momentos/favours from the event. You simply upload photos of your guests and we'll complete and deliver the place cards before the event.

"To say the caricatures went down amazingly yesterday would be an understatement. Everybody was talking about them and so many people told us that they were the best favours they'd ever seen at a wedding! Even the venue said that they'd never seen that idea and they loved it!"

Mitchell Jones

18 SEP 2018 12:21

"Thank you! Oh my goodness they were AMAZING. Everyone thought they were incredible and a lot of people are getting them framed. Honestly brilliant and so glad we found you at the wedding fair!! Thank you again so much! "

Charlotte Block

30 APR 2019 16:13

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my guests be offended? Our caricature stationery are quite subtle in terms of exaggeration because we want your guests to enjoy their drawing. You could say our drawings for the stationery are more cartoon than caricature. You also get to see the caricatures before we print and post them.

Q. How big are place cards? The caricature place cards are A6 size which is148mm x 105mm

Q. How big are the seating plan? The size of the seating plan will depend on the number of guests and the type of seating plan

Q. How big is the guest book? The books is printed at approximately 275mm x 210mm.

Q. For the place mugs, do you draw directly on to the mug? No we do not, we draw the caricatures on iPad and then we set up a template which shows our printing partners how we would like the artwork to be printed on the mug. If your mug breaks for in the future and you want to replace it, you won't have to pay for the artwork again, you just pay a £5 service charge + the cost of printing and postage.

Q. How does payment work? Do I pay the full amount when I place the order? We take a 20% deposit. We will then email you an invoice for the deposit which upon payment will confirm your order. The remaining balance is paid when all the work is completed.

Q. How do I send photos of my guests? Once you've paid the deposit, we will create an online gallery for you (like a dropbox). You can then start uploading photos of your guests as you get them. You can follow the link to our sample gallery and enter photos1234 as the password test this out

Q. Is there a minimum number of guests for place cards, seating plan and guestbooks? The minimum number of guests is 30. Anything less than this will be charged 50% extra.

Q. How do the discounts work? If for example, you have 100 guests and your event is 10 months away from the day you place your order.... you will get a 10% discount for having 100 or more guests and a 15% discount for placing your order more than 10 months in advance. The total discount would therefore be 25%. Please remember that the discount is for the artwork only. Discounts do not apply to display stands, frames, printing options and postage and delivery.

Q. Can I get a frame for the seating plan? You most definitely can. Just let us know which colour and we'll send you 2 – 3 options. We have frames in black, white, grey, gold and silver.

Q. How long does it take to complete an order? It can take as little as little as a week and as long as a year. We offer discount discounts for orders placed more than 3 months before the event. Our discounts can be found on page 13. In an ideal world we would like to have at least 30 days to complete your order but if you need it sooner, we do offer an express service which costs 50% extra.

Q. When will everything be delivered? We aim to have everything completed and ready to post 2 weeks before the event when possible. This means thats everything will be at your doorstep 6 – 10 days before the event. For deliveries outside of the UK, We will aim to complete everything 3 weeks before the event when possible to give us enough time to get everything to you at least 12 days before the event. We allow more time is case something happens that require us reprint and post items again.

Did you have any other questions? send us a quick message.

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"Exceptional work done by the team at MKCaricatures turning around our order on very short notice and yet with excellent quality. The guests were thrilled at the work and apparently many of these caricatures are on people's mantlepieces at home. Really good work; the compliments are still coming in on how innovative this idea was for the wedding. Thanks to the team for helping to make the wedding reception special."

Ashim Jafarkhan

26 MAR 2019 16:03

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