Seating Plans & Place Cards

caricature seating plan

Are you looking for something a little different for your event stationery? Caricatures are a fun way to let your guests know where they should be seated, plus they're a great ice breaker!

caricature place cards  

You can commission us to create personalised caricature table\seating plans with place cards which your guests can then take away as special momentos/favours. You simply upload photos of your guests and we'll complete and deliver the place cards before the event. You could even commission us to create a caricature seating plan for your classroom.  


Please note that we require at least 30 days to complete an order with 50+ guests, 40 days for 100+ guests, 60 days for 200+ guests, 70 days for 250+ guests and 90 days for 300+ guests. If you require a faster turnaround, an express service is available at a 20% price increase.

 How do I order?

Simply complete the order online form towards the bottom of this page

framed caricature place card

 Packages & Prices



We offer discounts based on the number of guests.

Number of Guests 75+
150+ 200+ 300+
Discount  5% OFF 10% OFF 15% OFF 20% OFF 30% OFF

 Further discounts are available based on the amount of time we have to complete the work after you place your order.

Time to complete work 3 - 5 Months
6 - 10 months
11 months+
Discount  5% OFF 10% OFF 15% OFF

How to send photos of your guests

After you've completed the oder form and paid the deposit, we will create a gallery on our site where you can upload photos of your guests as you get them.




You can alternatively send the link to your guests and ask them to upload 1 photo/selfie. You will be given a password which will be required to access the gallery and upload photos. Your gallery name will be added to the project table below.  Clicking on your name will take you to your gallery login page.





Nicola070219 B3

*Charlotte010419 B2

Laura300519 C5

Hayley310519 B2

*Matthew060619 B2

Laura140617 B2

Corrie-anne280619 B4

Robert060719 C7*

Natasha270719*  C31

Riaz280719  C2

Abby140819* C3

Christopher090819*  C5

Prem100819* C31

Hannah160819 B2

*Marcus240819 B2

Hayley070919 C3

Jon280919 C2

Lisa291219 C4

Jackie180120 B5

Felicity200220* C5

Simon210320 C3

Rachel110720 C3

Lucy280820 B2

Gemma290820 C5

Faye050920 B4

Stacey260621 C5



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