Most forms of entertainment will amaze you for a day but caricatures can provide a lasting momento for your guests/delegates to remind them of the event for many years to come. We offer standard pen and ink caricatures and live iPad caricatures. You can book us for weddings, trade shows, christmas parties, birthdays, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, open days, schools & university event and many more.

Pen & Ink Caricatures

iPad Caricatures

Price for a minimum 2 hour booking

  • Pen & Ink caricature - from £300
  • iPad caricatures (drawings are emailed and printed) - from £380

After 2 hours, every extra hour will be charged £80

Our 5 live caricature artists are able to travel anywhere in the world however local bookings are more ideal. The local areas we cover (Zone 1) are London, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire & Lancashire. Any bookings taking place outside of these areas will be charged an additional fee to cover transport. Please see image below for location details. We are unlikely to travel to places in Zone 3, 4 and 5 for bookings shorter than 3 hours.

Which artist is the closest to me?

  • Michael - Based in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & London
  • Ivo - Based in London
  • Francesco - Based in London
  • Meni - Based in Bedfordshire
  • Mike - Based in Lancashire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people can you draw per hour?

  • Pen and ink caricatures - between 12 and 14 per hour
  • iPad caricatures - between 7 and 12 per hour

Q. How does payment work? Do I have to pay the full amount now?

  • You don't pay straight away. When you checkout, you will just be asked for contact details. We will then email you an invoice for the deposit which upon payment will confirm your booking. The remaining balance is paid 3 days before the booking if paying by bank transfer or you can alternatively pay by cash on the day of the event.

Q. Which artist will I get? Can I see their work before confirming?

When you send through an order, we will automatically allocate the booking to the nearest available artist. We will send you samples of their drawings in the same email as the invoice for the deposit. If you're happy with the samples, then you just simply pay the deposit to confirm the booking, If not then simply let us know that you don't wish to proceed and we will cancel your booking enquiry. Please se below our list of live artists and their location.

  • Michael - Based in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire & London
  • Ivo - Based in London
  • Francesco - Based in London
  • Meni - Based in Bedfordshire
  • Mike - Based in Lancashire

Q. Can you travel to my area?

  • Our artists can travel anywhere however we do prioritise local booking particularly in peak periods. Our local areas are London, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Lancashire, Essex and Northamptonshire.

Q. How do we get the iPad caricatures?

  • The caricatures are immediately sent to guests by email. You can choose to add instant printing too but this will cost £30 extra

Q. If we want you to stay longer, can we extend the booking on the day?

  • This will depend on the time the original booking finishes and also whether the artists is available and happy to do so. The fee for extending on the day is £100 per additional hour.

Q. Can you draw my family/friends from photos during the event?

  • It's not ideal for for the artist to spend the booking drawing someone's family and friends from photos while other guests at the event are queuing up. Exceptions will only be made for the host, bride and groom, birthday girl or boy. The other situation is if the artist has drawn everyone at event before their booking time has finished.

Q. With the iPad caricatures, do you just add a filter or just photoshop an image?

  • No, the caricatures are hand drawn using drawing software and an apple pencil.